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Granite maintenance

Many granites require pre-sealing before installation. Light coloured granites will stain easily, the lighter the colour, generally the more porous. Some granites will stain permanently just from being wet. Some of the darker charcoal colours are affected by acids, especially G684. Many granites (rusty yellows) contain iron as a mineral which we successfully treat.

Granite is a natural stone made from the composition of molten quartz and feldspar and other composition minerals. Granite was formed millions of years ago deep below the earth’s surface under immense heat and pressure. Granite is the hardest stone used in flooring and countertops.

Granites come in varying surface types: polished, honed, saw cut, leathered, exfoliated (flamed), and water jet-cut. Each of these types changes the porosity at the surface, the slip factor and the varying ease of maintenance.

We seal and maintain many granite installations.

Basalt (also called bluestone) is formed by cooled lava at the earth’s surface. It contains less quartz and feldspar then granite but is can be just as hard. It usually only comes in greys to black in colour, has varying porosity and can be smooth or frothy in texture.

Stone is a product of Mother Nature and to properly care for stone – is to understand stone. No two stones are alike and for this reason, many stones need to be cared for in different manners. We are committed to excellence in service through honesty, knowledge, integrity and caring for our customers’ needs.

Tile showrooms use Best Marble treatments

We can remove most stains from pavers.

Yes most granite pavers benefit from being sealed.

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Before treatment

After rust removed & granite resealed

Granite before

Stains gone, no more rust & granite sealed

Beautiful colour

Glue staining

Can’t be cleaned

Specialty sealer applied

Before treatment

After treatment – rust stains gone

No colour

A nice contrast