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Slate and Sandstone are fine grained sedimentary rocks composed mainly of clay, sand and silt. At Best Marble & Tile Care, we specialize in cleaning, stripping, re-sealing and restoration of slate, sandstone and terracotta floor tiles.

Terracotta is a glazed or unglazed fired clay tile, often hand made.

We begin by testing the sealer/coating on the floor to determine previous sealers, to ensure the new sealer is compatible. Some coatings may need to be stripped completely before commencing any works. We will advise our recommendations upon inspection.

At Best Marble & Tile Care, we specialize in cleaning, stripping, re-sealing, and restoring of Slate, Sandstone & Terracotta floor tiles.

Specialising: in Stripping Slate and Natural Stone
Slate and Natural stone stripping is a specialised field, over time coatings can deteriorate. It is not uncommon for a slate floor to have coatings that are over 10 years old.

If the slate has not been correctly maintained or has been regularly recoated every year without stripping back, it can have a thick plastic look, have yellow discolouration, become brittle, go milky, look flaky, crack or go white in areas, in these cases the topical coating needs to stripped back before it is re-sealed again.

Be wary of companies with toll free phone numbers offering quotes over the phone without first viewing the job, (usually interstate and using subcontractors). This can lead to unforeseen circumstances and poor results.


The thicker the coating, the harder it is to remove. Best Marble & Tile Care have a range of stripping processes that can be used, ensuring a professional result. Using equipment to strip the old sealer, we can remove all traces of the old coating/sealer, exposing the natural stone. The stripping process is a 4 part process ensuring all of the old sealer has been removed before the new sealer is applied.

Stripping and sealing is a specialised process and requires experience. We have over 26 years involved in the field of professionally stripping and sealing slate. We work for many major insurance companies restoring water damaged slate tiles.

Slate, sandstone & terracotta floors may appear to be hard but they will absorb all types of liquids, food, oil, grease and general dirt. This stains the stone if left untreated and unprotected.

Sealing Slate, Sandstone & Terracotta

Sealing creates a barrier that reduces the speed that your surface will absorb liquid, guards against staining and allows easier maintenance/cleaning of the surface.

There are two types of sealer:
1.) Topical coating slate sealer that gives a wet look finish. We use 4 coats of a commercial water based slate sealer that leaves the surface smooth and shiny, making the slate floor easy to maintain.
2). Impregnating slate sealers that penetrate the porous stone and leave no coating on the top, leaving the tile with the original texture.

Call or email us for a free inspection and quote. We are a local Adelaide based family business for over 26 years.

Yes we are trained technicians and use the latest processes to clean your slate floor tiles, we always clean your slate floor before we seal it.

Generally the slate tiles become hard to clean after the sealer has worn off. We can clean your slate floor and re-seal it.

Stripping off the old sealer is the best solution. We can strip the sealer from the slate/sandstone back to the bare stone and then re-seal it.

We always apply 4 coats of commercial sealer on slate, sandstone & terracotta floors. We use safe non-toxic slate, sandstone & terracotta sealers.

Yes we provide specialised cleaning services to strip and remove the old coatings and re-seal it.

Our professional slate, sandstone & terracotta sealing service makes no dust.

Our professional slate, sandstone & terracotta maintenance service covers all of South Australia.

Yes after your slate is professionally sealed, it will shine like new.

To clean and maintain your slate/sandstone floor we recommend cleaning each week with a neutral pH detergent. Strong acids or alkalis may damage the coating and should not be used.

Slate sealer peeling

Slate floor stripped and sealed

Old slate floor

Stripped to bare stone, cleaned, resealed

Slate tiles water damaged

Just look at that slate shine now!

Peeling and flaking

Old sealers removed & resealed

Old sealer flaking

Slate tiles & grout cleaned – floor resealed

Deep scratches

Restored! Scratches gone!